Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slack Bugger

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 - Day 1,265

For all those tragics who have been following my blog. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.

Robert Burns once said "The best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft a'gley" or in Oztralian, shit happens! My plans for a life of sybaritic pleasure travelling around this great land went pear-shaped because of the Global Financial Crisis. When I retired in October 2008, I had everything planned out to a tee, but in the 30 days between claiming my superannuation and receiving the cheque, I lost $65,000 which, here at the blunt end has meant, quite simply, that I have run out of money to continue my care-free travels. As a consequence I have been reduced to working for a living. Life Sucks!

I am currently working in a flour mill. as a casual, loading pallets and counting the days to when I can pay off the credit card, put some new tyres on the Sorento and head for the bush again. The Aged Pension doesn't kick in until September so I guess I will be here until then. The thought of a winter spent down south isn't all that attractive, but I console myself with the thought that if I have to spend a winter, Perth is probably the best place to spend it.

On the positive side, I have a new person in my life. Anne is a person who, like me, doesn't want a live-in relationship, but who will be happy to have a full-time relationship with a person who is away a lot of the time and who is prepared to take extended trips away with me. Talk about having your cake and eating it!!!

By the time I am ready to take off again, the weather will be improving, so my plans are to set out in late September or early November and do the "Woodlands-Granite Way"  from Hyden to Norseman again, It was really fascinating when I did it in November 2009, but the weather was dreadful! Also I want to do the Holland track from Hyden to Coolgardie (or vice-versa) down through Cave Hill and Victoria Rock. The south coast is also attractive, I have heard of a place called Cosy Corner which looks like a must see.

There cannot be anything more boring that a traveller who is not travelling, but bear with me, I will be out and about again soon. It may seem strange, but I get a warm feeling by sharing my experiences with you, almost as though you were there with me when I am relating my travels. Here's to the future!

See you soon,