Monday, August 22, 2011

Heart of the Pilbara

Monday, August 22nd 2011 - Day 983

Just a quick note today. I'm in Marble Bar, but only staying for a couple of hours to pick up some mail.

I spent a week at the Des Streckfuss (whoever he was) Rest Area. Nice spot on a billabong, but very dusty. I got in nice and early and found a shady spot, but the noise of the road trains carting ore to Port Hedland day and night is a bit annoying.

There were a couple of hillsfor me to climb near the campsite, so I got the opportunity to take a couple of photos of the typical pilbara landscape.

Looks like either a bushfire or some burning off towards the south - as a consequence, it has been very hazy for the last couple of days. The weather is glorious, 30-32 degC every day and only down to about 13-14 deg at night. Sunny and not a cloud in the sky. It still seems to be a bit cold and rainy down south so I am just poking along until summer comes down there. - You all have my deepest symphathies - LOL!

It is very dry and arid around here (as is to be expected) but is is fantastic how the flowers retain their form after they dry out. I sometimes think that they look better this way than where they are growing.

Stopped for a break at Doolena Gorge, just north of Marble Bar. I was tempted to camp here, but I thought I'd drive on to the next stop, Coongan Pool. When I got there, it was just a roadside stop and I couldn't be bothered going back, so I'll push on.

I got to Marble Bar about 11:00 am and went out to the actual "bar" to have a look. Very impressive, especially when you splash a bit of water over the Jasper outcrops. This feature must look fabulous when it's raining.
I got a comment that it might be an idea to give a more detailed description of the spots where I camp. I will try and create another blog for this purpose and put in a link to it. Watch this space.

See you soon.


Dave and Shell said...

Hi grey Roamer,
Nice report, that rock looked amazing!
You are making a wise moove staying up there, Kalgoorlie has started to warm up but the wind today is dreadful - the van is moving around a bit and it's a heavy van!
Enjoy your travels,


Anonymous said...

Hi Ya
Every so often i pop in to see hows it going and every year i like to pop in and wish you a Merry christmas and happy new year.
Love reading about you life, talk about style!
Dont forget about the grey nomad site.
take care and best wishes