Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 61 - 11 Feb 09

Left Eden this morning and headed down the coast towards the Victorian border. Took the scenic route via Boydtown and Green Cape. What spectacular scenery along the coastline. I suggest this is a must see, however the roads are fairly rough and the Green Cape road won't take a full-sized van. A camper trailer will be fine provided you've a decent vehicle.

First stop was the old whaling station (bitumen road all the way). Not much left but very pretty.
From there it's just a couple of k's to Boyd's Tower. What an egotist. Cop the name on top of the tower. Evidently he built it as a private lighthouse but was refused permission, so he used it to watch for whales coming in to Twofold bay - just before he went broke. Can't figure out why!
From there down to Green Cape (4wd road) About 19km each way, but if you can, make the trip. The road is a bit rough and there are some tight corners but worth the run. I left the rig at the turnoff to City Rock because the sign said "rough track" but it was no worse than the main track.

Got to the parking area and you have to walk through the melaleuca to get to the cliff edge. It reminded me of the dark woods in the Hobbit.
The sea was a bit rough this day so the waves breaking on the rocks looked great. I can only imagine what it looks like with a really rough sea. City Rock is on the bay side of the cape and yet still gets some good waves.
Next stop was Pulpit Rock. This track really WAS rough and I should have left the van and walked in (1.6km) but managed it without any drama. The advantages of having an off-road van.
Finally the Cape itself. There are tours of the lighthouse available, but not every day. If that's your thing, check before you go.

I've crossed the border from NSW into East Gippland and what is the first thing that happens? IT STARTS TO RAIN. Of course it does, I'm in Victoria. I was going to try to make it to Mallacoota Inlet, but there is a great little rest area at Genoa, so I'll set up there and see how the weather looks.

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