Thursday, May 13, 2010

Into The Desert

Brrrr! It's bloody freezing. Only up to about 18 celcius during the day and down to 5 or 6 at night. And a stiff breeze to go with it. I think I left my run north a little late.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Some great bushwalking around this area. I have the NATMAP 1:250 000 map series on my laptop and it shows a lot of features that the usual maps don't. I notice a dam called "Bluff Dam" towards the foot of Uno Bluff, which is just N.E. of my camp and decided to do a little exploring. A little disappointing in that it was dry, because there has been a fair bit of rain through here lately. Shows just how much rain is required to really break a drought. All this recent rain seems to have just been absorbed into the arid soil.
Even out here there is still the occasional sign of civilization.
I take back what I said about not NEEDING a campfire - I really need one these nights, the temperature plummets as soon as the sun goes down.
Monday, 10 May 2010

I've been in this bush camp for a week and I think it's time I started north. Took off this morning and I still have the Flinders Ranges off to the East. Truly, IMHO these are the second most beautiful mountains in Oz (after the Kimberleys).
Pulled up for a couple of nights at Island Lagoon, just south of Pimba and Woomera. What a view to wake up to in the mornings, overseas tourists would pay a fortune for a view like this.
The other thing I've noticed is how green it is at the moment. It's hard to remember that this is a desert, be interesting to see it in a year's time.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Popped into Woomera (population 400 or so) for a quick squizz. Nothing much left here these days. It is now totally run by the RAAF for defence personnel and this shows in the shops and facilities - just like being on base at Puckapunyal or Kapooka.

The town square is a memorial to the days when this was a rocket range and frankly, there isn't really anything else to see.
Onwards, ever onwards. Made it through to Roxby Downs and pulled into the caravan park for a couple of nights to fill the water tanks and do some washing.

Thursday, 13 May 2010.

Took a run out to Andamooka today - What a shit-hole. Truly, I've seem aboriginal communities which were better run and tidier than this. It looks as though the local population figured that seeing they live in the back of beyond, why take any trouble.
This is the Town Park. Note the sign!
It was interesting to see some of the dugouts that the locals had built to live in. They hadn't gone to the effort to dig them underground as they had at Coober Pedy, they simply dug them into the sides of the creek banks. What is surprising is that this wasn't back in the 19th century, like the diggings at Burra and Kadina, this was from 1931 onwards and some of these places were still being lived in in the 1970's !!!!!
I was going to head on up to the Oodnadatta track, but I did that last year, so I'm going to back-track to Pimba and then head north through Coober Pedy. I don't think I'll make any extended stops, it's too cold, I'm going to push on to Alice and then up the Tanami to the Kimberley.

See you soon.

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