Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a Short Hop

Sunday, 2nd May 2010

I've been a week at the Tent Hill North Rest Area and I'm glad the "No Campfires" period is over. I love a campfire, even when there is no real need for one. I can't think of anything nicer than sitting around a nice fire in the evening with a few nibbles and a glass of the good stuff. It's a good ice-breaker (no pun intended) if there are other people camped nearby, they often wander over if they see a fire going.
Also, the evenings are starting to get quite cool as Autumn progresses and the warmth of the fire is very welcome.

Monday, 3rd May 2010

This would have to be close to a record for the world's shortest travel leg. 3.1 kms!

On one of my rambles through the bush from the campsite at Tent Hill North Rest Area, I came across a delightful little spot. It is not a designated camping area, but there is evidence of a few campfires and a bit of junk around, and there is good access off the highway, so I whipped back into Port Augusta to replenish bread and milk and get some petrol for the generator and hitched up and moved to the new spot.
It is a great site for a bush camp. It is a little close to the railway line, but there are only one or two trains during the night, so it's not a big problem and, as it is about 500 metres in from the highway, there is hardly any noise from passing traffic, unlike the highway rest areas. Not likely to be any drop-in visitors, but who cares?

Tuesday, 4th May 2010

The weather has changed a bit, quite a lot of cloud and a threat of showers, but I spent a couple of hours this morning and collected a bit of firewood for a couple of days and I can catch up on my reading.
See you soon.

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The good life ... I'm there with you in spirit.