Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Running Repairs

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Took the opportunity to get some work done on the Sorento while I'm in Alice Springs. Got all the disc pads replaced and had the disc rotors skimmed. These hard, metallic brake pads wear hell out of the rotors. I also replaced four tyres 'cos they were getting fairly low and I want good rubber before heading up through the Tanami Desert; that really is the middle of nowhere.

I tried to get the Kuhmo Road Venturers which were originally fitted but Tyrepower tell me there are none in Australia - a bit hard to believe! I have fitted Dunlop AT3's, hope they're as good as the Kumho's have been.

I saw the new 2010 Kia Sorento for the first time here in the Alice and what a heap of crap!!! It isn't a real 4WD anymore, it's now just a "crossover" like a Rav4 or Territory. Gone is the full-rail chassis, gone is the genuine 4WD, replaced with all-wheel-drive, no low-range any more, the towing capacity has dropped from 2800kg to 2000kg and they have jammed another two seats in the back in a vehicle which is just not big enough to be a 7-seater. It's now just a Santa Fe instead of being an equivalent to a Pajero, Prado, Cherokee or Pathfinder. I definitely wouldn't be recommending this one to a friend.

I'm leaving the Alice in the morning and heading up the Tanami Track heading for Halls Creek and I don't expect to have any coverage along the way, so I may be out of range for 3 or 4 weeks. I may get a bit of cover near a couple of the mine sites along the way, but if not, I'll see you when I get to the Kimberley.

See you soon.

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