Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 234 – 03 Aug 09

Headed for Wyndham to take a squiz from the Bastion, or Five Rivers Lookout. Just about gave the Kia a rupture pulling the van up the hill. The intercooler air temperature reached 130degC which seems a bit excessive, especially as I had the intercooler fan fixed under warranty in Darwin. I’m not sure how hot the intercooler air is supposed to get, but 130 seems a bit high. I will look into it further when I get back to Perth.
Somebody mentioned that diesel prices were lower in Wyndham than Kununurra, so I took a punt and planned on refuelling in Wyndham. Just as well - 25c a litre cheaper! I filled the tank and the jerry’s so I should have enough to get me to Derby without filling up on the Gibb, unless I decide to go up to the Mitchell Plateau.

Pulled up tonight on a roadside rest area overlooking the Pentecost River underneath Mt. Gibson. What fantastic scenery. IMHO there is no better scenery in Oz than the Kimberley. The road from the bitumen to here (past El Questro) was pretty rough, lots of corrugations, and washaways. The washaways every 200-300 metres, means that you can’t get up enough speed to take the sting out of the corrugations. I hope it’s not like this all the way across.

Plenty of firewood around, so a lovely campfire each night. Only two or three other travellers each night, but very pleasant, willing to sit down and have a yarn around the fire.

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