Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 258 – 27 Aug 09

Drove from Goldwire Rest Area to the De Grey River campsite. I’ve been looking forward to this for several years as I had a mind’s-eye picture of the campsite and several people have said it was a good spot. I thought I was being smart by going past the main area and heading for the rail-bridge. So was everybody else. The place was packed. One advantage of the small van is that I can get into spots which a full-sized van couldn’t manage, so I managed to get a good spot overlooking the river.

It has been quite windy for a couple of days now. Someone said that that is normal for the area at this time of the year – I hope not, it’s quite annoying.

Some surprises on the road. I was looking forward to getting to Sandfire to get some fresh milk. The roadhouse burned down three years ago it seems and there was a very limited range of product available. Glad I filled the jerry cans, though, diesel was almost $2 a litre. Stopped at Pardoo but they had no fresh milk either so just stretched the legs and took off again.

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