Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 284 – 22 Sep 09

Left Lyndon River on Wednesday heading for Carnarvon. Had to wait until about midday to avoid the worst of the wind which is blowing from the south. It’s a very strong breeze so I can only imagine what it does to fuel consumption. Got to Carnarvon and found a top tourist CP for a change so booked in for a week to get the extra discount. When you add the normal 10% member discount to the “pay for 6 days stay 7” that works out to a 23% discount for the week which to my way of thinking is a good deal.

What a strange place Carnarvon is. I have been here many times, but never stayed before. There is a Woolworths supermarket, and like all the others, they give you a fuel discount voucher on your docket – But there is no Woolies Caltex fuel depot. There is a Coles Express fuel stop – but no Coles supermarket. I spent about 30 minutes looking for a Westpac bank before discovering that there wasn’t one (or a NAB either). I always had a mental picture of Carnarvon as being a fairly large centre with all facilities, but it is actually quite basic. Hell of a lot of new building going on, however.

I’ve been here a week and I’m heading back north again for a while. It's just too flamin' cold this far south and it's still raining down in Perth so I have headed back north to Lyndon River for a few days. Spring seems to be a bit late coming in this year. From memory, it's usually warming up in Perth by now.

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