Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 271– 09 Sep 09

I left Yule River on Monday Morning heading for Karratha. Weather is warm, dry and clear. Went via Whim Creek and Roebourne, but as the T-shirt says, been there, done that. Stopped in Karratha and did some shopping. Had to buy a new power supply for the Laptop. Honda had a “Father’s Day special on Generators so I bought one Got about $250 off. I was hoping there was a book-exchange in town as I’m running out of reading materials but no luck. I intended to stay for a couple of days in CP, but no room at the inn. Karratha CP was full, as was the Transit Camp at Dampier. Big4 in Karratha had powered sites for $44 a night so I gave them a miss – That’s just highway robbery.

I continued on to Miarree Poole on
Maitland River only 18 km’s from the Karratha Roadhouse. Great area, plenty of water in pool, ideal for swimming. Very uneven surface and limited campsites with shade. Lovely down on the river’s edge, but VERY steep, bumpy dirt tracks up and down. Would probably make it but would rather not embarrass myself.

It has been blowing a gale all day, every day. It keeps the flies away, but it is really annoying. Did some washing by hand, just shorts – what a pain in the bum! That is why I wanted to stop in a CP in Karratha – to do the washing. School holidays are coming up I believe, so it may pay to charge up the phone and book ahead if I want to stay in a CP, especially getting down into the Gascoyne. I went for a walk around the area and found several nice little spots which would be good for secluded hide-aways for future visits. Reinforces my previous observations about taking one's time looking around the area before setting up. Climbed to the top of a nearby hill and had a great view of the surrounding area. Desolate to some, I guess, but I love this sort of wide-open country.

Bloody Backpackers! French guy and two girls in a Falcon S/Wagon with a tent. Jabbering and yelling (Stoned?) after 11:00 pm. What’s with these French? I have run out of books. This is a serious problem, will have to find a book exchange or I’m gonna go nuts!. Bought a new radio in Karratha, but not a lot on ABC regional radio up this way.

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