Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 267 – 05 Sep 09

Today I drove from Pt. Hedland to Yule River. Good Campsite, lots of level shady areas. Very popular, lots of vans and M/Homes each night. Lots of 5th Wheelers for some reason. Not much water in pools, plenty of firewood, but had to go 400 metres to collect.

Spent a little time walking up and down the river, but not a lot to see. Running the motor of the Kia to top up the batteries. Doesn’t seem to make much more noise than the generator did, but the ScanGuage says that it’s using 4-5 l/h which could work out a bit expensive in the long run.

I have observed that there seem to be a fair number of families with young (school-age) children on the road. Questioned one couple who said they were home-schooling. I wonder how prevalent this actually is.

Tonight two or three French guys in a Coaster pulled up next to my camp. They spent about two hours trying to get their generator started. All OK until about 11:00 pm when they decided to play Grand Theft Auto or something similar. Gave it until just past midnight and couldn’t take any more and went and banged on the bus and gave them an opinion.

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