Saturday, October 17, 2009

I Apologise

I'm sorry that I have been so slack in keeping this blog updated. I have been out of communication range for much of the time, but that's not a real excuse for going 104 days without posting. To tell the truth, I have been enjoying myself so much doing absolutely nothing that it has been simply too much bother to keep updated. Seeing I've just had a birthday, I have made a resolution: I promise to keep the blog updated every week - even when I'm out of range, I will ghost write the weekly page for later updating. Incidentally, I think the way I am setting out the entries may be a bit confusing, jumping forward and then going upwards, so I am going to change the style so that each entry goes in reverse e.g. October 14th October 13th October 12th etc. I think it will make the blog easier to read, after all, that's how the archive stores the posts anyway. I will bring my travels up-to-date over the next week or so and try to get every thing in order.

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