Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 246 - 15 Aug 09

March Fly Glen was absolutely delightful. Wonderful scenery, plenty of shade, a nice little creek, great weather, what more could one ask. Perhaps I could have done without the tourist buses full of Chinese or German tourists pulling in for lunch every day, or the dickheads who have to hit the ford in the creek at 90kmh just to make a big splash. I am astounded at the amount of traffic on the road. I bothered to count one day, and between 10 am and 6 pm, there were 83 vehicles went through. When you consider that there is now a commuter bus service along the Gibb, I reckon this place is getting way too civilised.

Five days at March Fly Glen (there aren’t any March Flies there incidentally) wasn’t near enough, but I’m tonguing for some fresh milk and I’m getting low on booze, so I need to head for civilization. Next trip on this road needs a bit more planning, freeze some bread and milk and take enough booze for a couple of months. The road from March Fly to the bitumen was excellent. Big stretches of bitumen across the floodplains, extensive roadworks in the vicinity of Lennard River and the rest was very good gravel road.

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Gowan said...

Hey Mike
I'd love to ask you some more Q'ns about your Jayco Penguin, but your email isn't getting through. Any chance of contacting you for your opinion on it?